Discover you our new Terrace and Garden furniture collection at Wow Málaga (next front to IKEA). Original solutions with a full style Wow!

The time has come for you to make you a difference and discover everything we can do for your outdoor space, to enjoy the Sun. 

Decorating with Wow effect, and discover the most original accessories

At Wow Málaga Style&Home by Mubak we give one more step, with the most fun decoration for your terrace and garden, the best barbecues... everything you are looking for in a single space full of ideas and full of imagination.

Shall we start shaping your terrace or garden?



Wow. Style&Home by Mubak Málaga
Muebles, Sofás, Decoración, Cocinas.
Horario: Lunes a Sábado de 10.00 a 22.00 h.
Domingos autorizados de 12.00 a 20.00 h. 
Avenida Montserrat Caballé, s/n
Parque Comercial Bahía Azul. 29004 Málaga